Dr. Raymond Hua


Dr Raymond Hua was born and raised here in Sydney, and took his education in dentistry up in Griffith University Gold Coast. He has advanced his skills by actively seeking out and receiving advice from specialists. He has also taken a one month volunteer trip to Nepal where he improved the villagers’ quality of life through his dental work. When he returned, he moved to Kingaroy, a small rural town in Queensland, where he was yet again able to exercise his gentle care and share his skillset with the locals. He was known inside and outside the dental clinic through his kind demeanour and enthusiasm.

Raymond believes in preventative dentistry – that is, stopping issues before they become painful and/or require invasive treatment. He believes that the best dental work revolves around the patient and saving their teeth, and this is reflected through his keen interest in root canal therapy (endodontics).

Having been through both remote and rural locations, he is highly capable in taking out teeth but this has never mirrored his style of dentistry. He has now joined us at United where the demographics of the city allows him to save all teeth! Utilising his support network of specialists, he is able to provide the best advice and care for his patients. Raymond is a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and Australian Society of Endodontology (ASE).

In his spare time, Raymond enjoys surfing and snowboarding. He continues refereeing for soccer and will always enjoy a good board games night.



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