What is 7 days family dentistry?

We are open 7 days

We understand that people are busy, always postponing the necessary dental treatment and regular check up until symptoms arise such as pain, swelling, broken down teeth, or loose teeth.

Here at United Dental Care we are committed to providing excellent dental services 7days a week in the CBD and Campsie clinics including all public holidays with the exception of Christmas day and New Year’s Day.

Family dentistry, We offer comprehensive dental treatment and oral therapy for the whole family from as young as 6 month old toddlers to senior members of the family.

It is often recommended that you see a dentist for a regular check up every 6 – 12 months. Many dental problems can be avoided or even completely reversible if caught early. Some dental conditions are inherently painless until too late, such as periodontal disease and to some extent dental tooth decay that can result into root canal therapy if the decay is too large.

 We provide all types of treatment big or small. But if anything beyond our expertise we will gladly refer you to the right specialist.

Our services include:

All our dentists are very skilled and trained to implement a high quality of care in Paediatric Dentistry (children) as well as geriatric dentistry (elderly).

Our Campsie branch has a luxurious waiting room with plenty of entertainment for the entire family. Watch your children have a blast playing with our playstation 4 or on our computers while you relax in a massage chair.

So come on down and receive a check-up for your entire family at once. We look forward to meeting you and providing you high quality service and a united dental care experience!

  • Too busy to see your dentist during the week due to work commitments?
  • Did you suffer from a fall resulting in traumatic dental injury?
  • Did a filling/crown fall out on the weekend?
  • Do you have a toothache that is just too much to handle anymore?

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