MSE is an orthopaedic appliance that is anchored to a maxillary palatal by micro implant, and connected to the upper 1st molars by soft metal supporting arm.
MSE was chiefly developed by Professor Won Moon of UCLA.

Developer & Lecturer
Prof. Won Moon D.M.D, M.S.

Associate Clinical Professor Residency Program Director (Orthodontics)

BS in Mathematics, UCI, 1984
DMD, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, 1989
MS in Oral Biology, UCLA School of Dentistry, 1991
Certificate in Orthodontics, UCLA School of Dentistry, 1991

The aim of MSE is to expand the maxillary arch, it does that by splitting by mid palatal suture and loosen up/breaking all pre maxillary sutures, such as zygomatic sutures and pterygomaxillary suture.

using micro-implant. The floor of maxillary palate is the floor of the nose when you increase the maxillary palate you increase the width of the nasal floor.




  • MSE is considered mid face expander rather than maxillary arch expander, giving patient aesthetic pleasing facial proportion.
  • Widen narrow maxillary upper arch in teenager and even in adult.
  • Treatment of nasal blockage, snoring and sleep apnoea. MSE can increase the nasal air passage by widening the floor of nasal cavity.
  • Treatment of Posterior Cross Bite due to narrow maxillary arch.
  • Treatment of CIII skeletal malocclusion in conjunction with reverse pull headgear.