Dr. Kevin Kin Wai NG

Marital Status :Married with 3 children

Cedric 34   LLB (Hon) in Law, HK City University

LLM(UNSW) , Practicing Lawyer, Australia.

Zevon 32   BDS (HKU), B Food Sc (RMIT, Melbourne)

Adrian 16   Form 5, King’s College, New Zealand


Professional Experiences

1980-1981  Dental Officer Darwin Health Department.

Darwin Aboriginal services

1981-1984  Dental Officer, Medical & Health Dep., HK

1981-1982  P/t Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology. HKU

For BDS II students First clinical Year

1984-2015  Private Practice

1989-1992  Honorary Consultant Dental Surgeon,

United Christian Hospital

1999-2004  Pt Lecturer, Dental Public Health Projects

For BDS V students, HKU

1997-2005  P/t Clinical Lecturer, OMFS for BDS 4 & 5, on MOS

2000-2014  Facilitator, Dental Faculty, HKU

PBL(Problem Base Learning) for BDS II to BDS V


2007-2010  Hon. Assistant Clinical Professor,

Master Degree Supervisor, Faculty of Dentistry, HKU

2006-2015  p/t Clinical Lecturer,  Oral Rehabilitations

2008-2010  Examiner & Trainer, Specialist Training Pathway,

Community Dentistry,  HK College of Dental Surgeons

2008-2010  Chairman, HK Society of Community Dentistry

2010-2015  Hon Professor ,Muhammadiyah University, Indonesia.


Social Services:

1971-1973  Volunteer Life Guard,

Tasmania Star, Award of Merit, Royal Life saving Society.

1972-1973  Volunteer, St John Ambulance

1977-1979  Chairman HK Student Asso.,  South Australia

1981-1988  Scout leader,  90th HK Scout Association

1988-2013  v. Chairman,  Shaukeiwan Scout Asso.

1987-1989  Demolition Party (Appointed by Hong Kong Government)

For illegal dentists & doctors Compensations

1989-1990  Area Committee Member, North Pont District

2009-2013  Volunteer Dental Officer for handicapped

Dental Corp, St John Ambulance

2015-2016  Hon Sec.,  HK Stomatological Asso.

2016 President, HK Qishan Association



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